3 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Real Estate Sign

24 May 2017
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If you are preparing to design a new sign for your real estate company, you may wonder how you can make your sign stand out from the competition. If so, avoid making the following three mistakes when designing your new real estate sign.

Do Not Use A Green Or Brown Background

When choosing the colors for your sign's background, you want them to contrast well with the surrounding so the sign can be easily seen from the road. For example, green and brown might not be the best choices.

If you use a green background on the sign and it is placed on the lawn, it will blend in nicely with the landscape. However, passersby will most likely not be able to see it from the road. And brown can be just as bad, since it is the color of dirt and could be mistaken for a dirt pile.

Use bright, vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, or electric blue. These colors will stand up and make people on the street take notice.

Do Not Have A Small Sign With Too Much Information

Another mistake that you need to avoid is having a teeny-tiny sign with a lot of writing on it. For starters, a small sign is barely visible to people driving by. Add a lot of information that is impossible to read, and they probably will not bother taking a second look.

When selecting the size, choose a large sign that anyone could see down the block. The increased size also gives you room to write your your name and that of your agency as well as all of your contact information.

Do Not Go With Bland Lettering

The next mistake to keep from doing is choosing bland lettering. Not only should the color offset the background, but the letters should stand out so everyone can see them.

One idea for making your letters stand out, even on a dark night, is to make them a bright florescent color. For example, if you use an electric blue background, use yellow lettering. Then, see about having the sign lit up at night using a solar powered battery. The florescent color will glow in the light, making nighttime drivers take notice.

Avoiding the above mistakes can help you create a sign that will draw the attention of potential buyers and sellers. If you need further guidance on the design, you may want to speak with the representative at a sign company that specializes in selling custom real estate signs to see if they can help you through the process.