Attracting Customers To Come Into Your Roadside Bar During Nighttime Hours

18 April 2017
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If you just purchased a roadside bar, you are most likely excited about the prospect in making yourself known to locals so you can make some compensation rather quickly. Those who are not from the area may not be aware there is a new bar owner in town, making it necessary to try to draw them into your establishment with advertising methods. Here are some ways you can get people passing by to stop into your bar to have a drink or bite to eat during nighttime hours, possibly landing you some new repeat business as a result.

Invest In A Backlit LED Sign

Placing lit signs on your property is a must if you plan on running a bar as nighttime hours are likely to be busier times for client visits. Invest in a few LED signs to place on your establishment to help attract attention of those driving past. The lights will be sure to draw the eyes toward your establishment, making it pique interest of those who view the signs. Be sure to use short phrases on signs as motorists will only have a few seconds to see the information you are providing. Offer customers with pricing of special sale items or the hours of operation on the signs. For more information, talk to a professional like Them Old Signs.

Use Movable Objects To Get Attention

Moving devices can be used to get people to look in your bar's direction. Placing pinwheels along the front stoop of your property or inserting the handles of them into the ground strategically in front of the establishment can help in getting people to take a second look at the bar as they pass buy. Consider having an employee dress up in a character costume and have them dance in front of the bar in a well-lit area to help attract people to come inside.

Consider Hosting Vehicle Theme Nights

One way to attract potential clients into your bar is by hosting themed nights where classic vehicles or motorcycles can be seen in abundance in your parking area. Hosting a "bike night" on the same day of the week will sure to be a hit with riders and those passing by will be more likely to notice your bar if there are motorcycles parked in a line outside of your building. Classic car shows can be held in the daytime and when it becomes dark, floodlights can be pointed toward any vehicles still present to help get others to stop in to take a look at them and possibly the interior of your establishment as well.