How To Care For Your LED Sign

27 June 2018
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A new LED exterior sign is just what your business needs to catch the eyes of passersby. Whether the sign announces special promotions or simply a welcome to your customers, it can help attract more business. Of course, you will want to protect your investment, so continue reading to find out the best way to care for LED signs. Avoid abrasives Abrasive cleaners can ruin your sign by etching the protective cover and dulling the appearance of the lights. Read More 

Common Issues With Exterior Metal Signs That A Welding Service Can Fix

19 March 2018
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For a lot of years, business owners have relied on metal signs for their exterior advertising at their place of business. These signs are resilient, are durable, and could be deemed heavy-duty in a lot of ways. However, metal signs do have their downfalls, and with time and exposure to the elements, the sign can start to break down. If you have a dated metal sign on your business building, you will likely want to repair the sign instead of having the whole thing replaced. Read More