The Purpose Of Transformer Labels: Why Are They So Important?

10 December 2018
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Most buildings have transformers inside of them because these devices are delivering voltages to the different circuits that will keep the electricity running inside of a building. Although transformers are important to have inside of a building for electrical purposes, they can become dangerous if the wrong people are messing around with them. It is for that very reason that transformer signs are so important. These signs warn people of the potential dangers they could face if they were to mishandle the device.

Warning Signs

Not everyone knows what a transformer looks like nor do they know that it is a high voltage device that can produce a serious electrical shock. Those who are not familiar with these kinds of devices could unintentionally touch them and then end up injured because of such high voltages. The best way to keep people safe and prevent potential electrical incidents is to have signs on the transformers or even around them that will let people know of the imminent dangers they are facing when coming within a certain distance of these devices.

The warning sings are large and bold enough for people to quickly notice them as they start to get closer to the transformer. These signs may include details on the potential risks, such as an electrical shock or even death from encountering the high voltages. Because the risks are clearly listed on the signs, people will know to stay away from the transformers. Contact a company, like Tech Products Inc, to get the cable markers and signs you need.

Bilingual Signs

While most of the transformer signs have pictures displayed on them that give people an idea of what the sign is trying to tell them, it is still important to have bilingual signs available for people to use in areas where those passing by the transformer may speak a different language, such as Spanish. For example, if there is a transformer inside an apartment complex and the owner of that complex knows that some of the tenants only speak Spanish and do not understand very much English, the owner should make sure any transformer signs that are posted on the transformers are displayed in both English and Spanish.

Coming in contact with a transformer is quite dangerous. If you are not a certified electrician, you should not touch these types of devices because you can end up suffering from an electrical shock or a severe burn. Some people have even died after encountering these devices. Because it is important to keep people safe, transformer signs should always get posted around these devices to alert people of the potential dangers, keeping them safe, protected, and far away from those high voltages.