How To Care For Your LED Sign

27 June 2018
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A new LED exterior sign is just what your business needs to catch the eyes of passersby. Whether the sign announces special promotions or simply a welcome to your customers, it can help attract more business. Of course, you will want to protect your investment, so continue reading to find out the best way to care for LED signs.

Avoid abrasives

Abrasive cleaners can ruin your sign by etching the protective cover and dulling the appearance of the lights. Abrasives include stiff brushes and scrubbers, as well as abrasive cleaners such as scouring powder. Certain non-abrasive cleaners can also leave behind etching or cloud the surface of the sign. Any cleaner that contains a solvent should be avoided, including some of the popular pine and citrus solvent cleaners. Instead, use a mild soap, such as hand dish washing liquid, and a soft sponge to clean the sign if simply spraying it with clear water isn't sufficient to clean the sign.

Combat Graffiti

Unfortunately, sometimes an LED sign can catch the eye of a vandal. If graffiti has appeared on your sign, there's no need to worry. It's possible to completely remove graffiti without damaging your sign. Alcohol-based solvents are some of the few solvents that can be used on LED signs without any fear of damage. Dampen a soft, non-abrasive cloth with rubbing alcohol or a commercial graffiti remover that contains alcohol as the main solvent. Use this to rub the graffiti from the sign. Use a fresh cloth as the old one becomes soiled, replenishing the solvent as necessary. Don't continue to use a dirty cloth, as this will just rub the paint or ink all over the sign. It may take several changes of cloths, but eventually you will be able to remove the graffiti completely.

Remove water marks

Another concern for exterior LED signs is water marks that are left behind by sprinklers or rain. These marks can be particularly unsightly in areas with hard water because the mineral deposits can leave behind a residue that is ugly and that dulls the brightness of the sign.  A minor acid can eat through the mineral deposits and remove the water marks without damaging the sign. Vinegar is a good choice, since it is naturally a weak acid. Dilute it in 90 percent plain water to further weaken it. Soak a soft rag in the vinegar solution, then lay the rag over the water marks. Leave it in place 10 minutes to dissolve the deposits, then wipe clean.

For more help with sign care, contact a sign company in your area.