Common Issues With Exterior Metal Signs That A Welding Service Can Fix

19 March 2018
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For a lot of years, business owners have relied on metal signs for their exterior advertising at their place of business. These signs are resilient, are durable, and could be deemed heavy-duty in a lot of ways. However, metal signs do have their downfalls, and with time and exposure to the elements, the sign can start to break down. If you have a dated metal sign on your business building, you will likely want to repair the sign instead of having the whole thing replaced.

Sign welding services specialize in metal sign repairs, and they can definitely help you out. Here's a look at some of the more common metal sign problems that a welding service should be able to help you fix.

Lost or Missing Letters 

The letters on metal signs, especially if the sign is all metal, are most often the first place where damage will occur. These letters can get knocked off by flying debris, get bent or broken, and corrode worse than the rest of the sign because they protrude outward from the surface. Many sign welding services offer laser-cutting services as well, which means they will be able to help you make the replacement lettering you need and weld it into place on the sign to make your message stand out as it always did. 

Corrosion Along Edges

Depending on the material the sign is made out of, you may start to see some signs of corrosion, especially along the edges if there are two pieces of metal that meet to form a frame around the sign. These jointed areas are prone to collecting water runoff, so naturally, this is oftentimes where rusty spots show up and corrosion will occur. If you see some areas of corrosion, it may not necessarily mean the entire sign will have to be replaced. Most of the time, the framing pieces around the sign can be replaced or new welded material can be applied over the corroded areas for a newer looking surface. 

Broken Sign Support

If your metal sign is posted on the side of a building, it will have a metal support system to keep it in place. If your sign is out away from the building on a post, it will still have a metal support system in place. These metal support systems can break down with age and do commonly have to be mended by a welder. 

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