Using Banners Inside: Three Ways To Sign Your Store

16 December 2017
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Banner signs are often used outside to promote sales, announce grand openings, and advertise closeout events. However, banners can also be used inside a retail or grocery store to call out important information as well. Here are a few ways you can use banners inside your store to engage customers.

Department Banners

Store directories can be helpful for some, but there are easier ways to show customers where each department is located. Large hanging banners in the center of each department show customers exactly where to go when looking for a particular item. Use large, simple font to call out each department, and consider having each banner printed in both English and Spanish for a more inclusive selling environment. You may also want to make each department's sign a different color to help eliminate confusion. For large stores, hang department banners in several areas of each section.

Clearance Call-Outs

If you are hosting a clearance event, consider using banners to create a buzz about the promotion. Choose a bright color for your banners, and have signage you'll use on racks printed to coordinate with the banners. Consider grouping all of your clearance in one area of the store, and use the banner as a way to let people know where they can find deals. When you are having a whole-store clearance event, consider hanging rows of banners from the ceiling along each of your main aisles to remind customers they can find clearance merchandise throughout the building.

Checkout And Customer Service Locations

Depending on the layout of your store, customers may sometimes have a difficult time finding the checkout lanes or customer service counters. Take the guesswork out of finding help by using directional banners throughout the store. Hang signs with directional arrows pointing to the cash register areas throughout the store, and use large banners posted above each cash wrap to let customers know they're in the right place. You may also want to consider using stanchions and directional adhesive signing on the floor in front of each register to help customers navigate the queues when lines are long.

Banners can be a great option for getting messages to customers in your store. Work with your sign company to create permanent banners for departments and cash registers, and create a separate set of signs that can be easily removed for sales, clearance events, and promotions. With a range of sign options, you can create unique messages for your customers throughout the year.

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