Design/Marketing Ideas For Your Sign At A Baseball Stadium

12 August 2017
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If you have a minor league baseball team in your city and are looking for an effective way to advertise your business, getting in touch with the team's sales department about having one of your signs mounted on the outfield fence is a good idea. Many teams sell spots along the inside of their outfield fence to local and national businesses, which means that you'll have a captive audience of fans, dozens of times a year, sitting with your brand's name and logo in the background. While this scenario can be good for business in its own right, you can get creative with your sign design to catch peoples' eyes even more. Here are some ideas to pursue with a sign manufacturer, like Cardinal Sign Corporation.

Hit It Here

An effective way to catch peoples' attention is to devote part of your sign to a large target and the words "Hit It Here." This is a common practice at baseball stadiums, and as long as no other business has taken the same approach, fans will definitely notice your sign. The premise behind the sign is the following — if a member of the home team hits the ball off the target portion of your sign, you'll give something away to a lucky fan. For example, if you're a pizza restaurant, you could give away one free pizza a month for an entire year. Fans would need to enter into a draw at the start of each game and hope that someone hits the target.

Mention This Sign

Another way to build your customer base through your sign at the minor league baseball stadium is to include some form of wording that encourages people to mention the sign when they visit your business. This serves as a form of coupon, in a sense. Anyone who buys something from your business and mentions the sign will be eligible for something free. For example, if you do website design, anyone who hires you to build him or her a website and mentions the stadium sign will get 10 percent off the cost of the service.

Partner Of The Team

Depending on the type of business you run, you may be able to partner with the team — and then mention this partnership on the stadium sign. For example, if you run a charter bus company, you could partner with the team to provide its buses for road trips. You can then let people know that you're the exclusive transportation provider of the team that fans are cheering for.