4 Unique Types Of Signs For Your Business

28 June 2017
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If you need to make your business more visible, one of the best ways to achieve that is through custom business signs. Here are five different unique types of signs you can have crafted to make your business stand out for the rest.

#1 Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are great for businesses that are located in walking districts. Signs that hang out from the front of your storefront and are positioned in line with the sidewalk below make it easier for pedestrians to spot and see your business. They can also help your business stand out for drive-by traffic as well. One of the biggest advantages of hanging signs is that the shape can more easily be customized and you can afford to use more colors on the sign as the square footage is not that large. Hanging signs can easily be shaped like a circle or oval or even a rectangle. If you install a custom hanging sign, go for a unique shape and be sure to use colors.

#2 Metal Sign

A metal sign can be a great way to promote your business as well. Metal signs are generally really affordable, and are often on the lower end price-wise for custom signs. Additionally, metal is a long-lasting material that will help advertise your store for years to come.

With metal signs, you can keep the color to a minimum. The color of the metal often provides the background color, and you just need to choose which color font you want to use on your sign. The attractive nature of metal allows you to reduce the amount of color and graphics that you need to make your sign stand out.

#3 Yard Signs

Yard signs are great for short term needs for your business, such as advertising a special event or sale. You can easily have yard signs printed out by a sign company for a reasonable fee. Yard signs, although great for short term needs, generally do last a while, so you can plan on using them for an entire season.

If you have an area where you want a permanent yard sign, you can have a metal yard sign made. Metal yard signs look like typical yard signs, and can even be in full-color; however, they are made out of aluminum, which allows them to last year-round in your yard. This is great if you want a place to display your business phone number or contact information, or if your business is located in an unusual location and you want a sign that points the way.

#4 Window & Door Graphics

Finally, don't forget about window and door graphics. Sign companies can also make decals that you can stick to your windows. This is another great way to display your store name, business hours, and contact information. Window and door graphics help ensure customers that they are walking up to the right business and are great for foot-traffic as well.

You can also have graphics made that will cover up your entire window or door if you are looking for something with a little more pull to use.

#5 Led Signs

If you want a sign that will really stand out, you may want to consider an LED sign. An LED sign is great if you want to light up your sign and draw more attention to it. It will make it easier to see your sign when it is dark outside and it will also draw more attention to your sign even in the daytime. The great thing about LED signs is that you can incorporate a variety of colors into them. Additionally, LED signs are relatively cost effective as the bulbs don't take much energy to run and the electricity costs should be relatively low. An LED sign can be put in the window of your store or it can be hung outside as well. It can be customized to a variety of shapes and sizes

There are numerous ways that you can use signs to bring people into your business. Figure out where you can put signs, such as hanging off your storefront, in the yard or on your windows and doors. Utilizing multiple types of signs will help will help bring in a variety of different traffic and customer types. Contact a sign shop, like MaxxLite, for more help.