3 Tips For Designing Tradeshow Signs

13 March 2017
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Participating in tradeshows can be a great way for your company to reach a captive audience in order to deliver your marketing message to potential consumers. A tradeshow booth is only as effective as the signage that you incorporate into the booth's design, so you need to ensure that you are investing time and attention into getting your signage right.

Here are three tips that you can use to create tradeshow signs that will captivate and inspire your audience.

1. Make sure your signs have the right lighting.

In order to ensure that the colors and graphics you use in the design of your signs really pop, you need to have the right kind of lighting in your tradeshow booth. If the show itself doesn't provide the type of lighting that you need to highlight your booth's signage, you should bring your own lighting to enhance the design of your signs.

Consider whether you will need spotlights, backlighting, or tinted lights to create an atmosphere that complements the design of your signage, then bring along the right lighting to improve the effectiveness and quality of your tradeshow signage.

2. Remember that less is more.

You should think of your tradeshow signs as billboards for foot traffic. The average tradeshow attendee is not going to spend a significant amount of time reading signage as they pass by a booth.

You should work to edit the text on your signs until you can deliver your intended message in as few words as possible. Focus more on bold and captivating graphics that can easily be consumed by attendees, and avoid incorporating lengthy copy into your signage in order to make your booth more attractive to visitors.

3. Incorporate technology whenever possible.

Thanks to advancements in technology, you can easily incorporate screens and monitors into your tradeshow booth's design. These electronic displays allow you to showcase several different signs in one location.

By creating a loop that runs through many different signs, you can capture the interest of tradeshow attendees. You can even make your signage interactive so that people will want to stop and engage with your booth, allowing you to make contact and educate attendees about your products or services.

Being able to design effective and efficient signage will maximize the amount of return you receive when you invest in a tradeshow booth. Be sure that your signage is doing its job by taking the time to light each sign properly, focusing more on graphics and less on copy, and using monitors to make your signs more high-tech.