Purchasing An Advertising Sign For Your Business: 3 Ways To Make A Black Sign More Visible When It's Dark Out

3 March 2017
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Did you know that the average business actually gets as much as 50% of their business from signs that they put up? If you have a new promotion, service or product available, let the community know with your very own sign. There are many different signs that you can choose from; however, black signs tend to stand out during the day due to the stark contrast of their coloring. It's a different story at night. If you want to prevent your sign from being hidden by the dark, consider the following 3 tips.  

Apply a Coat of Reflective Finish

Dark signs easily blend into the darkness of the night, which makes them easily overlooked. If you think that a black sign best reflects your business and don't want to stray to another color, you can easily prevent your sign from becoming hidden by applying a coat of reflective finish over the sign. Any light nearby will bounce off the sign and basically cause it to illuminate. Keep in mind that this finish might wear off with time, so you might need to reapply a new coat every now and then.

Use Light Lettering on the Sign

Just because the sign is difficult to notice, it doesn't necessarily mean that the message on the sign needs to be that way as well. If you're insistent on using a black sign to advertise a product, service or promotion, make sure that you only use light lettering on the sign. The stark contrast between the light lettering and the dark background of the black sign will draw attention.

Adhere Reflective Tape On the Sides

If you can't find a reflective finish or have already designed and made your sign without any light lettering, you can consider adding reflective tape on the sides of the sign. While this may not necessarily draw the attention of those driving by, it will draw the attention of those on foot. They'll be more likely to take a look at your sign to see what it's about.


Black signs are quite attractive. They do a good job of drawing attention to themselves during the day; however, you'll need to take extra steps to prevent the sign from getting lost or difficult to read when it's dark out. Put up multiple signs around your city, and you should see a huge difference in the amount of sales that your business makes. Contact a company like Great Lakes Sign Company LLC. for more information.