Vinyl Banners: What To Consider

12 January 2017
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If you have a retail business, vinyls banners are very important. They can catch the eye of a prospective customer walking by and entice them into entering your store, and that could ultimately lead to a great deal of money for your company. If you use them indoors, they can alert customers to discounts or other information that can lead to more sales. That's why you need to take care to consider the following; if you can use the advice below, you can purchase a banner that is sensible for your needs and effective for your purposes.

The Environment Where The Banner Will Hang

Depending on whether you plan to place the banner outside your store or use it inside, you're going to have to consider the external environment that the banner will be left in. A banner that will fly in front of your store will be subjected to the harmful rays of the sun, rain, wind, and possibly snow. All of those things may cause your banner to fade or become worn. To avoid a tattered, unsightly banner, if it's going to be outdoors, ensure that you select the thickest, most weather-resistant vinyl you can.

If you're going to have the vinyl banner hanging inside the shop or plan to buy an adhesive banner that you'll mount on the wall, thinner vinyl may be acceptable. It is also likely to cost a bit less than thicker vinyl.

The Design

You may think that you'll keep things easy by putting a message on the banner or your store's name in black lettering, which is often the most affordable option. However, you must realize that it's not enough to have a vinyl banner; you've got to also consider how visually exciting you can make it so that it catches the attention of someone who might be driving somewhere else, looking on their smartphone, or talking to friends.

When designing your vinyl banner, it's important to remember to include one or more of these things:

  • Color
  • Logo
  • Brief message
  • Words that may interest your target market such as "Free!" or "Exclusive!"

When you've made an initial design for the banner, you may want to consider input from peers, employees, and existing customers before having it printed. They may offer good ideas that make the banner better.

With all the considerations detailed above, it is important that you think about how each suggestion can be a smart decision for your business. Work with an experienced signage printer like Davis Sign Co to come up with a suitable vinyl banner that works well.