Moving Your Business To A New Location? How Can You Avoid Losing Customers?

6 July 2016
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When starting a small business from scratch, keeping overhead costs low is one of the keys to success -- and for most businesses, this often means procuring a storefront in an inexpensive part of town rather than directly on Main Street. As your business grows, you may find that your original location is no longer desirable, whether because of vandalism, low foot traffic, or simply not enough space for your needs. However, once you've selected a new location and begun to plan your move, you may be concerned about whether your existing customers will follow you to your new location or simply find an alternative retailer near your old business. What can you do to let your customers know of your move and encourage them to move with you? Read on to learn more about retaining customers during a business move, as well as some cost-effective ways to promote your business once you've settled into your new store.

What should you do to notify your existing (and potential) customers of your move?

From the customer's perspective, there is little more irritating than making a trip to your favorite store only to find out that it's moved to a new location. When it comes to notifying your customers that you're no longer operating out of your existing location after a certain date, saturation and repetition are key. Your customers are much more likely to follow you to a new storefront if they're given advance notice of the move and if the new address or location is easily available with a quick search.

Social media can be a tremendous help with this process. By updating your business's website and social media pages early in the moving process and emphasizing important dates (like your last day in the old location) and addresses (like your new storefront), you'll be able to ensure that those who want to find you aren't stuck sifting through potentially inaccurate web listings. You may even opt for some social media promotions or coupons to help drive customers to your new location when it opens -- for example, a "grand opening" coupon that provides a sizable discount for those who visit your store on its first day, or even a giveaway of free merchandise to the first 50 or 100 customers who come through the door.

What can you do to your new storefront to boost business? 

In addition to a social media campaign alerting customers and potential customers of your impending move, there are some physical changes you can make to your new location to help you quickly cement your place in the neighborhood and let customers know you're open for business. 

The first is an attractive awning. By having your business's name and logo printed on one or more awnings above your windows and doors, you'll be able to market your name while avoiding less-aesthetically-pleasing sidewalk signs or window decals. Custom canvas or metal awnings can also reduce your overhead costs by increasing your building's efficiency and reducing the load on your heater or air conditioner. This can be especially important in public-facing businesses, as the flow of traffic from inside to outside and vice versa can often make it difficult to keep your lobby at a comfortable temperature. Awnings are available in a variety of price ranges, from $100 to $650 for premade awnings to more than $10,000 for large custom fabric awnings, ensuring that you'll be able to find an option that fits your business and your budget.

You may also want to consider having your logo and company information pasted on your vehicle. If you generally park in front of your business while it's open, this "company car" can give you additional exposure without costing much; and by having your new address easily available, you'll be able to reach out to potential customers all around town simply by running your regular errands. Contact a company like Hightech Signs for more information.