5 Ways To Improve "Welcome Home" Banner Signs

5 March 2015
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Whether someone is coming back from college, a tour of duty, or extended business trip, family and friends often love to celebrate with a "Welcome Home" sign. When these signs are professionally printed, they can create a huge impact, come out great, and feature high quality colors and designs. As you learn more about this topic, there are multiple factors that should go into the design process.

The following five improvements are easy to apply to the "Welcome Home" sign and will become the centerpiece of any celebration. These tips can be applied to a number of graphic design and word processing software.

Font Themes

Changing the font of the text will help add a more personal touch to the sign. A variety of free font downloads help capture different themes to reflect the person that is coming home.

  • College Fonts: Fonts like Varsity and Mickey's School have a retro school feeling to them. The block-styled letters are easy to read and are filled with school spirit. A school logo symbol can be added before and after the text to make the banner even more personal.
  • Armed Forces Fonts: If someone is returning home from the armed force, then there are dozens of fonts available. Examples like Army Rust and Camouflage have an armed forces look, bold lettering, and a variety of styles to choose from when typing out the text.
  • Vacation & Trip Fonts: When someone returns home from a long business trip or vacation, you can find a themed font that represents the location they came from. For example, a font like Cityscape is ideal for destinations like Los Angeles or New York. For tropical locations, a font like Gilligan's Island has a unique appeal.

Background Images

Instead of placing the "Welcome Home" text on a colored background, images can add more to the banner and create a personal touch. By adding images, the banner can be kept by the person as a keepsake for the rest of their life. When choosing background images, there are multiple options to consider.

  • Collages: Giving yourself the whole background for images allows you to place a number of pictures together to form a collage. This can include single pictures or family portraits.
  • Image Opacity: To help the text stand out, the images should be placed over a white background. Then each image should have the opacity turned down to 75%. This will help the photos blend into the background more while the text is easier to read.


In addition to the "Welcome Home" phrase, many banners can be expanded to include extra text. Underneath the main text, you can choose a variety of options. Basic options include the name of the person. Additional messages of love may include "We Missed You!," "Love Your Family," or popular phrases like "Home, Sweet Home!"


Add even more design elements to the banner by selecting borders. A banner border can help draw attention to the center of the banner and adds even more to the creativity. For example, if someone is returning home from the armed forces, an American flag or red, white, and blue border can be added to the design.  A school banner can feature symbols like pencils and books.

A number of websites offer free banner downloads. A banner printing company may have additional resources to create banner borders and different designs.

Text Adjustments

A few text adjustments can make the banner easier to read from multiple distances. Many word processing and graphic applications allow you to easily apply these changes.

  • Drop Shadows: Help the text stand out from the background with a drop shadow. A default drop shadow is black, but this color should be changed if you are using black for the text color.
  • Letter Strokes: Add a border around the letters by applying a stroke. Just like the drop shadow, the stroke should be a different color than the shadow.
  • Outer Glow: An outer glow adds more contrast between the test and background.

Putting the extra time into sign details can go a long way for the moment when your loved one returns home.